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Hello I am Steven, Bromog Custom Works is my passion, all the items are handmade and recreated by myself. I like taking old automotive parts and materials and recreating them into one off custom creations.

The aim is to create all manner of items using recycled automotive materials to give it a new lease of life, into quirky and different decorative items, such as furniture and lighting. It could be pen holders made using automotive governor bodies or it could also be turbochargers turned into lighting.

I have restored old furniture giving them a unique twist. I incorporate leather from a vehicle interior into cushions for the chairs I have restored or created.

It really can be anything, I can take your old car parts and turn them into something bespoke, or I can take your old furniture and add a automotive twist to make it a unique piece of furniture.

All my ideas allow the items to be reused which therefore saves them from going to landfill’s and enabling that item to be loved and seen again.

‘Taking someone’s vehicle parts and creating something from them and enabling the memories from those items to be returned into their loved ones homes’


Bromog Custom Works

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