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Electroplating / electroforming kits, precious metal plating solutions & plating accessories for industry, jewellers, makers, hobbyists and entrepreneurs. Worldwide shipping 🌏

We are suppliers of high-quality electroplating and electroforming (plating non-conductive surfaces) equipment, designed for plating a range of surfaces such as metals, plastic, 3d printed models, jewellery, organics such as flowers, shells, stones, industrial machine parts, and much more, in a range of real precious metal finishes. Our kits cater to a wide audience, from home hobbyists to businesses such as plating service providers, right through to large industrial-sized plating operations.

If you’re a jeweler, we stock a wide range of precious metal plating solutions, including 24k gold, 18k gold, rose gold, platinum, rhodium, silver, and more. We can supply our solutions in volumes as small as 50ml to save you the expense and commitment of buying in bulk.

We provide ongoing worldwide 1-1 technical support to our customers and can teach you how to use our equipment and solutions to plate with confidence in no time at all. Why not visit our website and browse our selection of tank plating, brush plating, and pen plating kits, or give us a call today to find out more?

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