Handknit By Sam

Hand knitted accessories including shawls, scarves and hats. Specialising in creating unique pieces using hand dyed yarns.

Hi, I’m Sam, the knitter behind Handknit By Sam, you can find me on Folksy.
I was taught to knit many years ago by my dear Nan and it is a hobby I returned to intermittently over the years.
During a break in my teaching career in 2018 I rediscovered my love of knitting and yarn and I began knitting gifts for friends. The gifts were really well received and my friends encouraged me to share my knits further.

Whilst I love knitting, I’m not a fan of sewing up which is why I chose to create accessories including shawls, scarves and hats. I particularly love to work with hand dyed yarns and experiment with combining different colourways. I also very rarely work from patterns, making many of my pieces totally unique.

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Handknit By Sam
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