Lady Griddlebone Vintage Originals

Luxury vintage furniture refinishing, offering bespoke and soulful pieces for those passionate about sustainability but not wanting to compromise on quality or design.

We moved to Scotland around ten years ago with an appreciation for, not only reclaiming and reusing, but also the soulfulness and depth that vintage furniture can add to a home. We struggled to find high quality unique pieces and so our passion developed into our business. We bring timeless, elegant, and sometimes quirky, design artistry whilst keeping sustainability at our core.

At Lady Griddlebone Vintage, everything is loving restored and hand-finished, to produce authentic original pieces which add a touch of magic to everyday living spaces. Our product collections range from home essentials in “Maison” to our luxury statement furniture in the “Chateau” collection.

We also offer a friendly and helpful personalised commission service for customers who perhaps already own a loved item which they’d like refinished, or we can help source beautiful pieces which can be styled to requirements. We’re always delighted to discuss design preferences but if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, we can help with that too!

We love working with our industry and interior design partners too, and can help with creating unique pieces for any project.

We can deliver across the UK using experienced furniture courier services.

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Lady Griddlebone Vintage Originals
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