Little Village Candles

Little Village Candles is inspired by the village and surrounding woodlands where I live and I make the candles.

I firmly believe that scent can transport you to another time and another place. To fond memories, memories of loved ones and help with self care and mental health.

I stumbled upon candle making while wanting to challenge myself and learn a new craft. It then became a hobby and then a passion. I spent over a year going to workshops and trialling out waxes and scents on my lovely (and patient) friends and family. Once my youngest went to school, two years ago, I decided to take the leap and launch my candle business.

Candle making is exciting! A way to test and experiment with wax and scent to see what works. It’s very exciting when you light that finished candle for the first time and get to see and smell your completed work.

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Little Village Candles
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