Sparkle Town

Our beautiful biodegradable glitter is super sparkly, plant based and cruelty free, perfect for adding some planet friendly sparkle!

At Sparkle Town we believe that life should be fabulous, full of glitter and colour and sparkle. So we provide biodegradable glitters, keeping life creative and gorgeous, without compromising on ethics: guilt free sparkles!

We love our wonderful planet and care about looking after it, so working only with sustainable, responsible products is really important to us. The world is a beautiful and colourful place and we feel that eco friendly should reflect and celebrate that, so our aim is to bring a little bit of sparkle and colour into everyone’s lives in an amazing, planet friendly way.

Our glitters are made from responsibly sourced trees, primarily eucalyptus, they are renewable, sustainable and GM free. Sparkly loveliness is at the core of our business, from our ethical products, to the way we treat people, we want to provide positivity and good vibes into the world in which we live!

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