Elsiem Jewellery

Elsiem is a modern jewellery brand, inspired by simple, bold architectural & sculptural forms, with an edge.

I am Lorraine Hitt, the designer & creator of Elsiem Jewellery.

My jewellery design and construction is heavily influenced by my 30+ year career in the design industry, spanning a few disciplines such as Graphic, 3D Conceptual & Architectural Interior, always mindful of not just the aesthetics but also the functionality & practicality of a design, aiming for the wearer to have the best experience possible.

My work is inspired by my love of modern architecture & sculpture; I naturally adopt a very simple and bold style to my designs. I have developed my latest collections created from 3D Printed SLS Nylon and adorned some of those designs with handmade/finished metal, uniting modern technology with traditional handcraft skills.

For this weekends Modern Makers Market, I am offering a discount on my 3D Printed Collections!

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Elsiem Jewellery
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