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Join us in our mission to celebrate the UK’s small businesses sector and the people behind them, acknowledging and showcasing their hard work by providing a platform to create meaningful networking and collaboration opportunities, bringing more exposure, online traffic and ultimately sales.

Here are more great reasons why you should join…


Showcase your business like a pro

Build a great profile in minutes with our user friendly dashboard. Share your business story, upload featured products or services and photos, share important links, social icons and special offers plus much more

Target your audience

Direct your audience to wherever you want them to be. Show all your important content in one place so your customers can get to the core of your business in just one click!

Get found, increase traffic & boost sales

As a small business we all know how hard it is to be found online amongst the bigger businesses and corps, get listed on the Bubble and make a step towards enhancing your online presence to increase your reach

The future of small business networking

Small businesses support and buy from other small businesses – bookmark your favourites on the Bubble so you can start building your network and access them easily any time.

Become a Biz Bubble member

Join the ever evolving searchable network and community of like minded online small businesses & sole traders

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Join the ever evolving searchable network and community of like minded online small businesses & sole traders

Member’s Dashboard

It takes just seconds to register – you then receive instant access to your own Member’s Dashboard.

Advanced features

Quickly and easily manage all your own content – edit your featured photos, biography, logo, links and offers!

Clickable links

Add links to your social media accounts, your website plus three featured links with images to your chosen products or services!

Contact information

Potential customers can contact you by telephone or message you direcly using the built in contact form.

Join our Members Only Facebook Group

Access our members only community group on Facebook to network and get all the latest on the awards, webinars and Small Biz news.

#BizBubble hashtag benefit

Use this hashtag to get retweets, likes and shares across social media from fellow members! It’s all about supporting one another.

Member’s Badge

Receive your very own Biz Bubble Member’s badge – proudly share this to show you are part of this amazing network.

Be part of our community

Start building your network and compiling your favourite small businesses you want to use, collaborate with or support with use of the handy bookmark feature you can then access them easily anytime.

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Start building your profile today

and make a step towards enhancing your online presence to increase your reach

Your profile is the ‘about us’ page for your small business, an opportunity for potential customers to learn about your business’s background, core values and ethos and see your most popular products or services at a glance. Let them easily contact you via email or phone and visit any of your social platforms or website and there’s even the option to display an exclusive special offer on your profile as we all know everyone loves a cheeky deal. 

Available for all members


Any small business or micro company with no more than 20 employees can join or if you’re a sole trader. For example you can become a member if you are an independent businesses, freelancer, service based business, online shop, creator or maker!

We are currently running an exclusive launch offer for a limited time only. It’s just just £36 for a whole year membership. (Normally £72)

For general enquiries head on over to our contact page in the menu bar or if you require tech assistance simply email and one of our team will aim to come back to you within 3 working days.

Nope! Your BizBubble profile page can link to and feature items from any online shop or platform such as Etsy, Amazon or Ebay, and you can link to all of your social media channels.

As a member you can create your very own business page hosted live on BizBubble, you will be listed in the searchable small business directory and get access to your very own dashboard where you can create slideshow gallery, bookmark your favourite other small businesses, display your website and social links, upload featured products or services, be easily contacted by a contact form and choose 3 categories and tags. You will also receive your very own members badge as well have access to discounted advertising and marketing services.

There is no application process, you can simply register and start building your profile right away. All we ask is that you read and accept our terms & conditions on registration. We do however evaluate all new members and any accounts that violate these terms of use will be suspended. This is to ensure we remain a safe and secure community for all.

Joining the BizBubble searchable network and community increases your online visibility, helping you get found easier online, increasing your traffic and boosting sales. It allows you to show all your important content all in one place so your customers can get to the core of your business in just one click!

You can access your dashboard HERE, or simply click Member’s dashboard in the footer and log in.

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