Abby’s Art Atelier

I make handmade and one of a kind jewellery using polymer clay and resin. I love to create unique jewellery and are all one off so any pieces you buy from me will be as unique as you are!

I’m Abby, I run and make all products for Abby’s Art Atelier. I’m a Fashion graduate who loves to create beautiful fashion.
Since graduating I have explored more art techniques including creating stunning jewellery!

My accessories and handmade and unique made by me!

My love for creating started with fashion and sewing and has developed into so much more. I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer and for people to feel fabulous in my clothes, which has expanded into jewellery and accessories. So that’s how I started Abby’s Art Atelier.

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Jumbo Blackberry Crunch Sundae
Abby’s Art Atelier
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