Abi Stevens Illustration

Abi creates colourful pins, prints, stickers, jewellery, wall hangings and more! Her designs are uplifting and empowering, particularly for fellow disabled/chronically ill people.

Since developing chronic health problems led to me leaving previous work as a TA my illustrations have become more personal, outspoken, and political. My art has evolved into a direct expression of my experiences and beliefs and I feel a new sense of purpose and responsibility to use my work to create connections between people, to inspire, educate and empower others through my empowering designs!

People are stubborn, we can see a little light in the darkest of places and we want to hang onto that light as long as we can. I believe emphatically that every life has an intrinsic value that can not be measured, should never be measured, and nobody else gets to decide if that life is ‘worth it’.

I use my illustration work to fight back against chronic illness and the damage done by societies perception of disabled people, by creating uplifting designs such as my ‘chronic warrior’ series. People who have bought my earlier pin designs say that they have helped them start conversations around chronic illness, and one reviewer uses her Migraine Warrior pin to help medical professionals understand her condition when she is experiencing stroke-like symptoms.

My creations are about bringing a little joy into your life, wether as an empowering Chronic Warrior design or fantastical creatures and symbolism. I hope that visitors to my shop will enjoy a journey into my colourful world and find something that they love!

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Abi Stevens Illustration
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