ANGEL is an exquisite handbag and accessories brand. We are experts in making luxury handbags and accessories.

ANGEL is an exquisite handbag brand, designed and handcrafted in our studio based in London, combining luxury quality with sustainability. The brand’s structured silhouettes are designed to transcend the seasons, balancing classic elegance with unique, statement hardwares. The timeless shapes and design details combine to create collections with elegance. ANGEL handbags and accessories have graced the arms of bag lovers worldwide, who turn to us for beautiful bespoke handcrafted bags.​
We work with the finest leathers, and make no compromises… Created with practicality, versatility and longevity in mind, our handbags are structured, and made to stand the test of time.​​
The use of bold colours and our signature purple leather lining throughout the collection will leave you yearning for more…​
Our brand’s philosophy is ‘quality comes first’.

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