At The Listening House

At The Listening House is a virtual safe on judgmental space where our members can chat, offload and be truly heard. Group sessions, monthly talks and so much more.

At the Listening House has been created to help people to deal with the “ordinary” stresses of everyday life.

Our beautiful online house is a revolutionary new concept in helping people to cope with the stresses of life. It is an online service with easy and time-saving access.

Business partners Beth Flitton and Beth Gourlay, came up with the idea of The Listening House, a virtual space with a variety of rooms offering different solutions, after recognising the need for a place where people can talk about what is bothering them, however small or insignificant they might feel it is.

“We all know that everyday life can be really difficult, particularly after the year we have all just experienced” said co-founder and Director, Beth Flitton.
“The pandemic has not only created a great deal of new stresses and problems, but it has also isolated many of us from our support networks.
“Of course, there is a wealth of trained professionals out there, but we can often feel that our situation isn’t serious enough to warrant guided professional intervention, or that we just don’t want to ‘bother’ anyone.

“So, we designed a virtual space where people can just come and talk” explained co-founder and Creative Director, Beth Gourlay
“There are stresses and problems that we don’t feel comfortable talking to our loved ones about but that don’t need the help of a trained therapist. The Listening House bridges that gap.

“Our members don’t need a referral from the GP, they don’t need to have a diagnosed mental health problem and they don’t have to be at a crisis point in their life. They just need to log on and we’ll be there to listen.”

The Listening House offers one-to-one sessions, weekly member get-togethers, and monthly talks from resident and guest speakers. A variety of inspirational tools are also available within the different rooms.

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