Ataji Hair Care

Using natural ingredients that are carefully researched for their effectiveness and efficiency, we create & provide products for afro & drier hair types.

As the Founder & Formulator at Ataji Hair Care, I am Inspired by the textured crown that is worn each day, and have curated a product collection that provides a home hair therapy process for naturals. Rooted in the belief that hydration is the foundation for strong, healthy hair, Ataji Hair Care encourages women to nourish their natural textures with products that deliver your strands the moisture it needs without harsh chemicals.

At Ataji Hair Care we are committed to being more than a haircare line,we understand that self-expression and creativity are essential parts of who women are, especially when it comes to feeling beautiful. Women want to feel empowered through their hair without the worry of dryness, tangles, or manageability.

With our innovative product line, customers will find that they are not only getting results with their hair health, but they have a better understanding of what their hair needs on any given day. The brand goes beyond the power of effective and promotes the desire to further educate themselves on the best solutions to treat their strands in a way that sustains optimal strength.

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Sustainable Sandlewood Comb
Pumpkin & Green Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil
Reversible Satin Sleep Cap
Ataji Hair Care
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