Banks’ Business Solutions

I work with women in business to help them become more organised and efficient by utilising technology and planning.

Banks’ Business Solutions is an online business consultancy that helps business owners ensure their systems and processes are effective and helps them get a grasp on technologies needed to run their businesses more smoothly. I work with clients from across the country as the service I provide can be done face to face or virtually. When I started in 2014 it was just me but as the company has grown, I have expanded and now have a team of associates that work alongside me to ensure that client needs are met.

I work with women in business to empower them to have more control over what is happening in their business. I do this by taking a strategic overview and supporting them to understand the many systems and processes they use daily in order to run their business. On a practical level I assist with project planning, website builds, email marketing funnels and online course creation, to name but a few. My core values are intuition, integrity and authenticity. I try to bring these into everything I do.

Banks' Business Solutions
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