Carrooka is a brand new fabulously fun finger flicking spinning game. Invented and made by hand in the UK from sustainable materials.

Carrooka is the brain-child of Jack and Georgina Furnival. Jack is a master-carpenter with over 35 years experience of making fine furniture. George has managed several international small non-profit enterprises over the past 20 years. As a husband and wife team we invented Carrooka mostly during the first lock-down. Jack was frustrated by not being able to get to his local snooker club and could not find a good quality home table designed for grown-ups! In researching what was available, Jack discovered the old Indian game of Carrom. He quickly realised that a more intuitive and accessible snooker version of this counter flicking game could be amazing!
A steep learning curve took place as we went through proto-typing and UK toy safety testing, then Carrooka was launched via Kickstart in May 2021 and then began trading properly in the big-wide-world in June 2021. Now Carrooka can be found in 13 countries around the world and the business continues to thrive.
An ideal family activity, that’s tech and screen free, or a great after dinner game with friends, Carrooka is really quick to learn, although it takes skill and practice to truly master. It’s completely accessible as all players remain seated, Carrooka rotates on a bearing so you can turn the wooden board with each shot. The boards are stunning and designed to last for generations, they will quickly become a family heritage piece and make ideal gifts, going down especially well with men and teens. They are also finding an audience in many pubs and cafes around the UK.
Every Carrooka board is made by hand in our Staffordshire workshop. We use FSC approved European birch plywood and planet friendly products that are all water based, our packaging is completely plastic free and we undertake to make our business have the smallest possible footprint on the planet. As the business grows we are supporting other local businesses by sharing out the workload, we hope to continue to grow this network to ensure Carrooka is always UK made.

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