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Crip Life™ is a FREE online magazine dedicated to the disabled community.

Crip Life™ is an online magazine that champions a community that is often marganalised and stigmatised; the disabled population that makes up 20% of us. Our aims to overcome disabling social barriers to allow everyone in this community to live the life they want to.

We are FREE to read anywhere in the world and, therefore, have a truly global presence. Crip Life™ shares empowering stories, advertises accessible and inclusive products and services, and gives the disabled community a voice.

The Crip Life™ advertising strategy is “Pay What You Can (PWYC).” We know this is very different to most if not all, online magazines. PWYC is a business model that does not insist upon set prices for its goods or services. Instead, it asks clients to pay what they feel the product or service is worth to them. We have taken this one step further by adding what your organisation can afford to pay.

Crip Life™ is the newest & freshest online disability magazine that is dismantling disabling barriers one article at a time. Launched May 2023, founded by Emma Purcell & Joanna Baker-Rogers, two former colleagues of a previous disability publication who both have personal experiences of living with a disability. We are passionate about writing, campaigning & raising awareness of disability. We wanted to continue this. To do so, we created Crip Life™.

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