Danielle Du Boulay Paintings

Danielle is inspired by the visual art of her birthplace in Trinidad & Tobago with its vivid Caribbean colours. 

During Covid lockdown Danielle signed up for an artist membership with Amanda Evanston, an American based artist.   Amanda’s bold, bright, impressionist style of art and her openness to share her art making process won Danielle over.  Danielle is also inspired by Caribbean female writers whose words transport her back to the islands which are always near to her heart. Reading opens her imagination and conveys all her memories and experience onto the art work. Speaking to her love for colour and life, you will find much of her recent work inspired by the flora and fauna found in and around her own garden here in the UK.

Never limiting herself to one subject, you will find among her paintings studies of landscapes and seascapes, animals, both seasonal and figurative, which are important to her. Danielle’s art-making process consists of getting messy and crazy; even splatter painting the under layers; then refining and creating the final art work with a bit of freedom and whimsy. This is important to understanding her work, because it reflects her outgoing personality, and links to the warmth of the islands of Danielle’s birth.

As an Art Psychotherapist it a huge part of her self-care and grounding, after working with clients.  Danielle has a connection to the contemporary critical dialogue with the ideas of the Impressionists like Monet, Van Gogh and Gaugain. The ideal exhibition space for Danielle’s work is a website because it is the most dynamic and immediate.

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Danielle Du Boulay Paintings
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