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We make houseplants easy. Your one stop shop for indoor plants, home fragrance essentials and cosy homewares.

earth and vine was born when our founder, Olivia, moved back to the Big Smoke after living for three years on the wild Cornish coast. We believe that plants and aromatherapy marry really well together. Plants on their own are great but when you add another element like aromatherapy to the mix, you create an atmosphere, an environment, a sanctuary where you feel at home. Since June 2020, we have helped people across London and beyond turn their indoor spaces into a relaxing refuge away from bustling life.

If you, like most people, need somewhere to pause and relax then you’ve come to the right place. We’re all a little be overwhelmed these days and on the brink of burnout. I started this small business as a way of bringing the slow and thoughtful way of living often found when surrounded by nature, to people like you across the country.

“People were looking for something and plants were what they were looking for. So off the back of that it enabled us to create this business and meet so many people that are discovering nature. Some for the very first time, so reconnecting with it.

Reconnecting and creating a ritual with plants allows us to sit back and realise I am not living, I am existing”

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