Eve Leoni Art

I am a local artist celebrating the beauty of the world and capturing happy memories through my pastel-coloured, splattery watercolour paintings.

I’ve always created as a form of therapy, to express all of the busy thoughts in my mind, so painting happy places in calming colours has always been really important to me. It sparks positive emotions both for myself and the people who display my work in their homes. I love to create bespoke paintings that are personal to individual memories, it’s always so heartwarming to see how much they mean to people. Promoting positive mental health is at the heart of what I do, so I’ve started teaching workshops for young people to hopefully encourage creativity and the freedom to express themselves in a safe environment. I can’t wait to host more of these in the future and release some products that reflect this mission!

I love nature and wildlife, particularly by the coast, so my style has been largely influenced by the ever-changing colours in the sky and their reflections in the water. I’m a huge David Attenborough fan, and I love to consider the reasons behind animal behaviours and incorporate these in silly ways into greetings cards and other illustrated products. It’s my biggest passion to make people smile through my work. As a trained musical theatre performer, I’m a big storyteller, and so every piece I create tells a story, often inspired by my own walks and experiences.

As well as original artworks and commissions, I create illustrated gifts and homeware such as organic tea towels, tote bags, coasters, notebooks and calendars. It’s important to me to work with local UK businesses to help bring these designs to life, and I’m always conscious of using organic, sustainable and recycled materials. I always say it would be contradictory of me to paint our pretty world if I don’t do my bit to look after it. I’ve also started offering bespoke wedding stationery to add a personal touch to couple’s special days, which has been super exciting so far.

Nowadays, small businesses (especially sole traders) have to learn more than just their craft, including the very popular art of TikTok and Instagram Reels… therefore I’m always busy creating new content and aiming to be a positive figure for young people to look up to in today’s society. I won’t lie, it’s an excuse for me to whip my performing skills out and have a good dance too!

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