Fat Quarter Quilts

Have you ever wanted to try quilting but didn’t know where to start without buying expensive equipment? Look no further!

At Fat Quarter Quilts I design patchwork quilt patterns that only use fat quarters (a specific cut of fabric) for the quilt top and every pattern has a step-by-step video tutorial. I also have videos showing beginners how they can get started on a budget so they can try out quilting without spending a fortune. I believe hobbies should be fun, so I take a “done is better than perfect” approach to learning quilting and encourage you all to not be afraid of “mistakes” that make your quilt unique and special.

When I found some gorgeous fat quarter bundles (small pieces of coordinating fabric approx. quarter of a metre) in the Aldi middle aisle, I popped online to see how many bundles I’d need for a quilt. Having quilted before I expected to find what I needed easily, it turns out most patterns need more bigger pieces of fabric for the quilt top. Standing there in the middle aisle I realised that there was a niche there for newbie quilters who wanted to get started on a budget with Aldi fat quarters and also for quilts that only use fat quarters.

So, if you’ve ever looked at the gorgeous fabric bundles in the Aldi middle isle (other fabric shops exist too and also have gorgeous fabric!) and wondered what you could do with them chack out my videos and patterns for some ideas and tutorials.

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