Hedge Buddies

Ecofriendly garden bird food in compostable and marine degradable bags to help you look after the environment while feeding your garden visitors

Established in 2019 Hedge Buddies spotted a gap in the market for bird food to be sold in ecofriendly packaging. Rather than having recycled or recyclable plastics all the Hedge Buddies bird food is sold in plant based packaging which will return to nature through composting whether you can compost it yourself or put it into your normal or food bin to dispose of.

What you will also find on the Hedge Buddies website is listings of products from lots of other small businesses, some of which is in stock and others that you go to their website to purchase. This means you can see a whole variety of bird related products all in one location but support many sole traders when you visit the shop.

When joining the Hedge Buddies subscription list you will receive special offers direct to your inbox. Also regular customers often get a small FREE addition to their order boxes from time to time.

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Hedge Buddies
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