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100% Natural Personalised Aromatherapy Candle Gifts

Welcome to Inessence Candles.
We offer passionately handcrafted, all natural personalised candles for the ultimate thoughtful gesture for all occasions and milestones.

Every candle is carefully hand made with soy wax and scented with 100% pure essential oils. Here at Inessence we want to embrace nature and take advantage of all the wonderful herbs, plants and flowers we are blessed with here on earth, not just for their incredible scents but for all their glory such as their healing, medicinal and health benefits. We promise to never use harsh chemicals, toxic synthetic fragrance, artificial colours, or paraffin wax and will always only use 100% natural fragrances.

Each candle blend has been carefully chosen for it’s therapeutic properties and well-being benefits to help promote ultimate relaxation, better sleep, boost energy or lift your mood.

All our candles are lovingly made to assist in providing you more than just a gift for someone, but something that bit extra special which can be given with true meaning and heart, a charming, thoughtful and personal gesture that can not only be used and enjoyed but treasured and remembered. So whether it be a milestone birthday or an exciting life event or simply ‘just because’ you will be guaranteed an ‘aww and a smile’

All our candles are 180ml in a lovely reusable apothecary glass jar and have a burn time of approximately 35 hours.
Stylishly packaged in a brown box with shredded kraft paper and branded notecard so they can be sent directly to your special someone with a note if desired.

From nature with love

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