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Nikky from Innabox creates humorous and empowering gifts for the chronic illness community! She creates enamel pin badges for various conditions and invisible illnesses and more!

Nikky is a 35 year old small business owner and illustrator originally from London but now Living in Derby. She has health struggles with endometriosis and more which made her want to create her chronic illness characters. 4 Years ago she started ‘The invisible illness club’ products which she then turned into a FB group for spoonies to all come and chat and connect.

Last Year Nikky released her own children’s book all around this subject too. She wants children to be able to understand a little of what their parents/family may go through or even to find comfort in it themselves of they have any difficulties. Now after healing from a big surgery, her goal is to reach more of the public by trading in person at lots of upcoming markets and events!

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