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Hi 👋🏽, I’m Gill, I have been building my Eco Influencer Brand over at JamJarGill.com for the past 12 years. I would love to share my services with you to help you grow your business too.

It’s really smart to outsource tasks if you can, especially the ones which you don’t love to do. This will leave you with more time for the things in your business that only you can do.

If you need support with your business I’d love you to get in touch to see if we can work together. Please contact me at vaservices@jamjargill.com to find out my current hourly rate for work, I am looking to build up my client base to represent a range of small businesses on a regular basis.

I have a Media BA and did a Media Production B-TEC prior to this

I have excellent communication and customer service skills and have been working in customer service and marketing roles (both client and customer-facing) for 14 years along with growing, developing and creating my blogging/influencer brand for the past 12 years

If you would like to find out more about me, the services I offer and to book a call please visit: https://jamjargill.com/vaservices/

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JJG VA Services
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