Kiera Flynn Photography

Floral cyanotype art prints for the home to bring a sense of calm and brighten indoor spaces.

We make beautiful floral cyanotype prints in striking blue tones. With both small prints that make great gifts, and larger pieces for the perfect addition to any newly decorated room, as well as some stunning coasters in silver and black, there is something to suit any budget or occasion.

Cyanotypes are a type of photographic print developed in the 1800s that are known for their distinctive blue colouring. They’re often called sun prints because unlike traditional chemical prints, cyanotypes are created using sunlight, or a UV bulb to expose an image. The prints are processed using water, where the deep blue image slowly appears as the unused chemicals are washed away, a little like magic.

All prints are sold unframed. They are wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a recycled cardboard envelope sealed with recyclable paper tape.
Coasters are currently packaged with bubble wrap, however this is packaging recycled from parcels received ourselves to increase the life of this packaging.

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Fuchsia Cyanotype print - 10x8"
Camellia Cyanotype print - 5x7"
Gift Set of 2 Glass Cyanotype coasters
Kiera Flynn Photography
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