Kodes are handmade geometric jewellery for the modern woman who likes to make a statement without breaking the bank.

Morena is the designer maker behind Kodes, a handmade jewellery brand that she started in Tottenham in 2015. Kodes are statement jewellery pieces made for the modern, independent woman, who likes to express herself and who likes to be bold and quirky and make a statement through jewellery. They include hand painted wooden geometric pieces, necklaces and earrings made with silicone beads and also Art Deco acrylic geometric jewellery.
Having had Alopecia Universalis (an illness which causes all your hair, eyebrows and eyelashes to fall) since she was 12 years old, Morena started Kodes from the need to express herself through jewellery, something she realised she had been doing for years, as a way to make up for not being able to express herself through (the lack of) her hair.
Kodes was also born from a need for affordable investment jewellery pieces, the perfect statement necklace that packs a punch, the item that you would wear at an interview, where you’re still dressing conservatively but you want to still express your creativity and personality.
Kodes also represents Morena’s little rebellion towards growing up in a society in South Italy where everyone strived to wear the same designer items. Luxury can also be an item which is handmade, with love and care, by a designer maker rather than a high street brand or a designer brand in a factory.
Morena also works on commission and is always looking forward to creating unique custom pieces for our loved ones.

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