Laconic; to express using few or little words. Capturing the true nature and power of jewellery as a way to express yourself and tell your story. Responsibly made jewellery crafted in small batches.

Every piece is designed and crafted by hand, using traditional methods and sustainable materials. As a British jewellery designer and creator, my passion is to empower you to express yourself and bring ideas to life. Crafting jewellery that is made to be worn — by you.

Laconic was established knowing it was possible to create a business with more purpose: making jewellery that’s well-crafted here in the UK, made to last and sustainable, without literally costing the Earth. With my background in design, I knew there was an opportunity for you to have something more tailored and customised, with a story to tell, to express yourself and connect you people and places that are special to you.

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