Marogmi designs original, quality home and kitchen linens enriched by Afro-Caribbean cultural perspectives to elevate home ambience.

Marogmi a UK-based textile design brand established by multidisciplinary artist Marcia Michael, specialises in producing visually colourful timeless patterns for home textiles influenced by her Afro-Caribbean heritage. Valuing longevity through a choice of quality organic and natural fabrics, Marogmi is a slow conscientious home and kitchen textile and linens brand encouraging sustainability and a circular movement. Our products are designed to be multi-functional, and eco-friendly. Marogmi’s unique designs are digitally printed and hand-made responsibly in the UK, in small quantities.

Marogmi’s name is derived using a combination of letters from the founder’s full name, in this way she encapsulates her heritage and personality. Does it have meaning beyond this, yes, it gathers a philosophical way of being and doing that stems from such Japanese philosophies as Wabi Sabi and Shibui.

Marogmi is defined as:
The pursuit of beauty in everyday essential objects.
The art of placing value and joy in ordinary everyday essentials.
Acknowledging the accompaniments that enhance the everyday
Treasuring the everyday objects that help us live life a little better.

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Floating Over Sunset - Pink Artist Designed Linen and Cotton Tea Towel
Blue Butterfly - Artist Designed Cotton Tea Towel- Blue
Green Blossoms Linen and Cotton Tablecloth
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