Community Arts & Crafts workshops with a sustainable focus. All workshops teach attendees how to use waste/preloved or found materials to transform into brand new products or pieces of artwork.

Upcycling Arts and Craft Workshops by PLASTIQUE: A Journey of Creativity and Sustainability

PLASTIQUE’s Upcycling Arts and Craft Workshops, where creativity meets environmental consciousness. Our hands-on workshops are designed to empower participants to transform waste materials into unique works of art. Led by the passionate artist and founder, Siân Dorman, each session is a celebration of sustainable creativity.

What Sets Us Apart:

Inclusivity: Our workshops are crafted to be inclusive for individuals of all ages and abilities, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Everyone is welcome to join our creative community.
Neurodivergent-Friendly: Recognising the diversity of our community, we ensure that our workshops are neurodivergent-friendly, creating a supportive and accessible environment.
Local Collaboration: PLASTIQUE collaborates with local businesses and community groups to bring free upcycling workshops to diverse communities, fostering a sense of shared creativity and sustainability.

What to Expect:

Hands-On Experience: Participants actively engage in transforming discarded materials into functional and aesthetically pleasing products.
Environmental Awareness: Gain insights into the transformative power of upcycling, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.
Community and Joy: Our workshops go beyond crafting; they are about building a community, promoting sustainability, and sharing the joy of creativity.
Join Us in Crafting a Sustainable Future:
Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner, our workshops offer a space to explore your creativity while making a positive impact on the environment. Come, be a part of the PLASTIQUE community, where every creation tells a story of transformation and sustainability.

What we offer:
Party entertainment- children and adults
Stag & Hen Do’s
Sip and Craft
Corporate Away Days / Corporate Mental Health Days
Community Markets/Festival Activities
Schools & Colleges
Children’s Classes 7+
SEND Specialist Units

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