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We provide you the best deals to sell and recycle your smartphone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, MacBook and games consoles quickly and easily. #RecycleYourTech

Preloved Tech provide a simple and easy service allowing customers to sell or recycle their unwated smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and games consoles securely and ethically.

We provide a sustainable solution that gives every device the chance of a second lease of life. By recycling your tech through our website, you will not only secure market leading values but also chose an ethical solution that wont mean your device ends up in landfill.

Our team works their magic on every device recycled to give it a second lease of life through our refurbishment process. This helps to reduce e-wate and builds a cleaner environment.

But we dont stop there. For every device recycled through our website, we plant a tree. Every week we help fund impactful climate solutions through responsible tree planting that not only help combat deforestation bit also help reduce carbon pollution.

Preloved Tech are the ideal chocie for ethical technology recycling.

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