Simply Decoupage

Crafter of decoupage, creating a variety of handmade home accessories.

Hello! I’m Jacqueline, a Pastel and Decoupage Artist living in Blunsdon St. Andrew, Wiltshire.

I create practical and pretty home accessories using the decoupage method, by repurposing shells, glass, ceramic, and wooden objects as decor or usable pieces for the home.

What is Decoupage?
It is the art of decorating an object by gluing on it torn or cut pieces of tissue paper, fabric or napkins in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and other decorative elements.
It is an imperfect art, but nonetheless charmingly unique!

It can take a few days to decoupage just one item, and up to a week for anything large, because the varnish and paint needs thorough drying between each coat and in some cases there are many layers of varnish.

I love decoupage. It’s extremely therapeutic and satisfying. The reward I get from producing a custom piece for a client is second to none; a lot of love and attention is worked in to my creations and what you have is totally unique – you don’t get that from a shop bought factory piece!

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