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A card based trivia game not just about what YOU know… but about who KNOWS what you know! Designed and created by Gill and Si

Strong Point game is the brainchild of partners, Gill and Si.
The game was devised and created during lockdown of 2020, they found themselves, like many people, having games and quiz nights over Zoom. They compiled 1200 questions and Gill designed the logo and all the visual aspect of the game.
The prototype went down a storm. Great for play with family and friends. Following such overwhelmingly positive reactions they set up Strong Point Games in order to take Strong Point from an idea to a reality…
The game concept is simple yet fun and exciting. Players must try to predict their opponents score while also answering as many of their own questions correctly.
One of the main objectives was to make the game design ergonomically compact, not only making it portable and easy to take anywhere but saving on unnecessary packaging. By focusing on keeping materials to a minimum and not including plastic in the box layout were very proud to have achieved a product that we feel is sustainable. Its also manufactured in the North of England.

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