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Sylvia Piechulla: Inclusive Plus Size Fashion Empowering Women to Stand Out for the Right Reasons at any Occasion

My entrepreneurial journey began when I encountered a significant challenge – the lack of suitable clothing options for my plus-size body frame.

In October 2022, determined to address this gap, I established my business as an exclusive plus-size brand. However, as demand grew, I recognized the need to be more inclusive. In March 2023, I transformed my brand into an inclusive plus-size fashion line, catering to UK sizes 10-24.

Starting with a focus on dresses, I launched the remarkable Bird of Paradise collection in July 2023. This collection featured stunning pieces made from luxurious Georgette material, including scarves and kimonos. The positive response and appreciation from customers encouraged me to expand further.
In October 2023, I unveiled the elegant Silk Collection, which complemented our existing range of kimonos and scarves. This collection exuded sophistication and versatility, offering a diverse selection of high-quality silk garments.

Sustainability is a top priority for us. All our garments are made in London, ensuring fair wages, minimum stock holding/made-to-order production, zero waste practices, and eco-friendly materials. Our commitment to transparency and ethical practices is reflected in our listing on the Ethical Brand Directory in September 2024

Throughout my journey, I have remained dedicated to providing fashionable and comfortable clothing options for women of all sizes. With each collection, I strive to empower women to embrace their unique beauty and express themselves through fashion.

Together, let’s continue to celebrate inclusivity and empower women through stylish, inclusive conscious fashion choices and a greener world.

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Sylvia Piechulla Fashion Design
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