The Entrepreneur Whisperer at Meow

Business mentoring for business-owners looking to raise the benchmark within their industry. Mentoring from someone who is in business themselves & founded game-changing and award-winning business.

Hello I am Sarah-Jane, I am a business mentor – The Entrepreneur Whisperer.

What do I do?
I was speaking to current and past clients recently about what it was I brought that was so different. They told me it was about how I guided them to acknowledge where they were now and then dare to look forward to bravely commit to where they wanted to be. I made it possible for them to reach their goals as I broke down the step-by-step journey as to how they were going to get there, with confidence.

I gave them the tools to walk the journey, to overcome each step with ease and I was there with them every single step of the way. I didn’t leave them on their own to muddle through, hoping for the best – whilst juggling working and life. And not only that but where they had gaps in their knowledge or skill – I filled them. I became part of their team.

I set up Meow Consulting in 2018 to help individuals who were driven by changing the game in their chosen industry, to push the benchmark and create a new way , a better way of doing things. My clients are driven by the desire to change the lives of who they serve, it is my job to make sure they enjoy every moment and earn what they deserve.

I don’t just talk the talk…
It is important for you to know that I do not advise from academic learning alone, although I so have a degree in Marketing and Business. I advise from first-hand experience – I built big businesses in the city for over 13 years before I launched Meow and I also am the co-founder of Laundry& Latte. A business that combines coffee and laundry and (shock-horror) is looking to set a new benchmark in the industry, we launched in 2021 and won Best Newcomer at our National Industry awards, we were also finalists in Best Customer Experience.

Need help?
I love a coffee, so if your business isn’t where you thought it would be, or where you want it to be – drop me a line.

The Entrepreneur Whisperer at Meow
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