The Social Brain

We help business owners spend less time on their phone while growing their brand on social media platforms!

To you, it’s a fancy rectangle full of apps you can’t stop opening. To us, it’s an opportunity to get your business seen, heard and loved

The only thing stopping your business from reaching a possible 4.7 billion people on social media is how you use that rectangle you carry around in your hand all day long.

We’re here to help you take your small business social media marketing from a box-ticking exercise (you kind of hate) to a focused, fun, business-growing activity (you kind of love).

We want every post you share, every Story you tell, and every Reel you record to feel thumb-throbbingly good for you and all the Story-swiping, double-tap liking, comment-leaving, Reel-repeating, VN-sending folks who follow you.

How about that?

Hey, I’m Frances, Head Brain and founder of The Social Brain, a 6-person strong team of social media marketing boffins devoted to all-things-scrolly.

We’re an Essex-based social media marketing agency for small businesses, our special sauce is strategy, and we generously slather it on everything we advise you on, create for you, and teach you.

My mission in life is to free your thumbs from endless phone scrolling and make your time marketing your business on social media mindful, meaningful, and impactful for your bottom line.

So your thumbs can go and do more important things like book a trip to the Caribbean or grip a glass of bubbly over a candlelit dinner.

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