Tideline Ceramics

Tideline Ceramics – unique and functional stoneware ceramics, inspired by the sea and coast of west Wales

Wheel thrown and hand built stoneware inspired by the sea and coast of west Wales. I make unique and functional collections that reflect the colours, textures, sea and landscapes surrounding us, telling the story of a coastline that is in retreat. Carving and texture is incorporated into many pieces, interpreting the way water and waves are eroding our low cliffs, the shoals of small fish found close to shore and the homes found or built by the sea creatures themselves.

Each piece reflects the colours and textures found on, and surrounding, our local beach – from the low crumbling cliffs, the shiny pebbles and smooth quartz striped rocks to the soft tawny sand, flowing seaweed, deep blue horizon and ever-changing colours in the coastal farmland. All those interesting things you can find on the tide line: barnacle covered old rope; colourful rock pools; driftwood, bright washed up fishing buoys and lobster pots are inspiration.

From mugs and bowls through to statement bottles and vessels, everyone likes a reminder of the sea and coast.

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Honeycomb Reef Mug
Sea Spray Bowl
Shoal Bowl
Tideline Ceramics
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