Yoli Addy

Brighten up your life with funky, colourful, patterned necklaces and earrings.

Hello my name is Yolanda, I have recently got back into designing after a bit of a break bringing up my children! My passion is to create funky, bold, affordable jewellery. I enjoy repurposing found beads and combining them with my hand painted beads, this enables me to have fun with colour, texture and shape. Recently I’ve started to add earrings into the mix by using my own hand printed and found papers.

I don’t really follow any rules or fashions, I follow my mood for that day and create what I feel works for the item i’m making. I also don’t make large batches, I generally make one off items so each piece is unique to my customers. You can see my necklaces all have a name; this is the part my kids get involved with!

My Folksy shop shows all that I currently have instock and my Instagram and Facebook pages show you previous and upcoming designs. Hope you like what you see!

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Silver, gold and white earrings with walnut and gold discs
Yoli Addy
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