Blog Posts and Reviews

*NEW* for 2020, a page for you to see what opportunities I am offering for you to work with me and get some exposure for your small/independent business.

Some of you may be already aware that I always go that extra mile to help you. I don’t just ‘stop’ once I’ve published that blog post or sent that tweet. Everything I do on my blog and social media is as organic as it gets and you will often still get promotion from me month’s down the line. It’s all about engaging viewers and personally I don’t believe in trying to cram promotion into a 1 or 2 week window, because we can all agree that is annoying.

So, what I’m trying to say is that I am different to other bloggers and it is something I pride myself on.

Available blog post opportunities

  • Simple eco switches to make around your home (gifting basis)
  • Why you are paying more than you should when shopping in big names (I will be focusing on small businesses that sell something handmade for better value than something from a big name)
  • How to stop your skincare regime from damaging the environment (gifting basis)
  • Travel or weekend away essentials (gifting basis)
  • Independent cafe’s and restaurants you can visit around the UK
  • How to transform a wall with framed prints (gifting basis)
  • 15 must-have’s for your small business… and some don’t cost a penny
  • Your very own blog post/review (gifting basis) 

All of the above (apart from the individual blog post) will feature multiple businesses. What I am looking for are things that fit into the above blog post title’s. For instance, you might sell bamboo cotton buds which would be perfect for the eco switches post, or perhaps you sell a business card holder which would be ideal for the must-have’s post. I think you get the idea, right!

Gifting opportunities

All of the posts above that state they are on a gifting basis will receive the following:
– photo’s taken by me of the item/s in order to review them and create engaging content
– inclusion/small review about the item/s in the blog post with a direct link to your website or shop
– individual and group tweets across various twitter chats and hours
– individual instagram posts and stories

Non-gifting opportunities

These posts will not include as much text (potentially just a sentence about the item/s plus direct link to your website/shop). But you will also get some social media promotion too when I’m promoting the blog post.

How can I get involved?

Simple. If you are on Twitter then drop me a DM or otherwise ping me an email at simply stating which of the above posts (or your own blog post/review) you are interested in. I can then send you further details.