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Welcome to BizBubble’s Network & Directory


Here your BizBubble business network journey begins, giving your business the boost and exposure it deserves by being part of searchable network of fellow small UK businesses.

To help you on your way we’ve created 5 EASY STEPS to follow to help maximise the benefits of your membership.

1. Download your Members badge & social media post

Be proud to be part of the UK’s new small biz community and add your members badge to your website, social banners or any marketing materials. This is really great for improving brand awareness; building trust and credibility with potential new customers. If placing on your website, you can also link the image to your profile page URL creating a reciprocal backlink which can be useful for your website SEO.

Also attached is a cool graphic you can share on your social media and stories to show off your new profile (don’t forget to add your profile link too!)

Please note: Please download on desktop as the phone may have some file incompatibility issues

2. Your exclusive advertising discount code

Use code MEMBERS50 for 50% OFF all Advertising

We offer a range of affordable design, advertising and marketing services to help support and guide you on your business journey ensuring you stand out from the crowd, not only getting you noticed, but remembered.

ALL Advertising packages include FREE design by our design team.

3. Join our facebook community group

Community really is at the heart of what we do, we’re here to inspire and encourage British small businesses to find, help and support one another and their communities.

Join our Facebook group share your story, discover networking opportunities and promote your business for free!

4. Display your unique profile link

Your BizBubble profile features all your important content all in one place! Your story, links, featured products/services and special offers; so you can use your BizBubble profile page URL on posts, social media, email marketing and on your social media bios, helping your audiences get the core of your business in just one click.

5. Use the #BizBubble Hashtag

Use the #bizbubble hashtag to get retweets, likes and shares across social media from fellow members! When you come across a fellow member using this hashtag then make sure you give them a thumbs up too! It’s all about supporting one another. Together we can reach further.

Also tag us and use our hashtag for chances to be featured across our social platforms and included in stories.

Instagram @bizbubble #bizbubble
Twitter @BizBubbleUK #bizbubble

Have a tech query?

Fear not, our support team is here to answer any technical questions you might have.

Simply email support@bizbubble.co.uk and one of our team will aim to come back to you within 3 working days.

Other Membership Benefits


Showcase your business like a pro

Build a great profile in minutes with our user friendly dashboard. Share your business story, upload featured products and photos, share important links, social icons and special offers plus much more

Target your audience

Direct your audience to wherever you want them to be. Show all your important content in one place so your customers can get to the core of your business in just one click!

Get found, increase traffic & boost sales

As a small business we all know how hard it is to be found online amongst the bigger businesses and corps, by joining the Bubble you have made a big step towards enhancing your online presence and increasing your reach

Start building your network today

Small businesses support and buy from other small businesses – bookmark your favourites on the Bubble so you can start building your network and access them easily any time.