Samm Designs

Rebecca organised and ran a giveaway for me which netted hundreds of new followers. I had done one myself previously and frankly it was a nightmare and far less successful . I highly recommend Rebecca’s services.


As a new startup business, we needed to get our products highlighted. We knew we had a great product, but we also knew it would be hard to get “heard” amongst the thousands of businesses out there. After speaking to her directly, reading her previous tweets and seeing how well liked she was in the “Twittersphere”, it wasn’t a hard decision to choose her to help us. We ran a giveaway to give one of her followers the chance to win one of our new portable chargers. This was a great success for us as it gave us over 1,000 new followers in the space of just a few days. Ideal for getting our brand noticed. Rebecca was attentive, professional and very active on our behalf.

Ollie & Fred

I started my own business and Rebecca has been very supportive. More than she realises! Her regular friendly and informative social media posts have encouraged me to share, support and build an online community. Rebecca is passionate about small businesses and genuinely wants your business to succeed

Picture A Name

I ran a giveaway with Rebecca with the aim of getting more followers over on my new Instagram account and raising my business’ profile on social media. It was my first time doing this and Rebecca did a great job with promotion across Twitter and Facebook

Honey Bee Home

Working with Rebecca restored my faith in bloggers. Not only does she have a genuine passion for working with small businesses but her post featuring our product resulted in sales. She’s lovely and professional and I’d definitely like to work with her in future

Emily McNair Designs

We first came across Rebecca via her twitter feed and were impressed with her dedication to promoting small businesses. When the chance came up to have one of our products reviewed by her, we jumped at the chance. Rebecca is friendly and approachable, quick to respond to queries. We were excited to see our review come out on her blog and it was so positive and very in-depth. We were also impressed at the amount she shared the review across all her social media platforms and she even shares it again now and then! We’re looking forward to working with Rebecca again in the future.