Winners Announcement

 The Awards 2022

So the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Drum roll please… The annoucements!
So here are the winners of the Modern Maker Awards and the Biz Bubble Awards. Here you will also find the judge’s feedback as to why these winners were chosen.

Winners Announcement

By Natasha Francis



Tune in as Natasha Francis announces the WINNERS of each category for The BizBubble & ModernMaker Awards 2022!

That’s not all… find out which small business has WON the star prizes for ’Small Biz of Year’ and ‘Modern Maker of the Year’

We can hardly wait, can you?!

BizBubble Awards


Pulling heart strings of dog lovers, strong community, non trauma marketing, adult and dog product range’ strategic, active and transparent fund raising strategies, huge marketing opportunity and growth to be seen. 

Youth Tree Organics

Shows lovely quality product throughout and sharing brand values with lots of potential as only been running from 2021, consumer friendly buying options.  

Emma Cullen Brand Photography

Enforcing behind the brand imagery, which is a unique way of supporting brand identity, not only in service but to build confidence and enforcing that people buy from people. Emma Cullen Brand Photography has an easy navigating website, this photography brand has a unique USP.

Door Step Refillery

Championing Eco-friendly & zero-waste service and products. A much needed environmental impact, created  in such a short amount of time. Stylish varied options for a one stop shop. Accessible products and price points. Very easy brand to invest your time in for social responsibility.

Surrey Locations

The community of Surrey are fortunate to have this fab agency providing business opportunity to the county. Surrey Locations have homed in on their micro niche and has massive opportunity to expand and dominate that business area.  

Pier Road Coffee & Art

This is a fab independent gallery that works and promotes local artists. Great community biz model supporting creatives in the community, whilst serving snacks! The mention of in store features of this shop makes me want to go and visit Sussex.

Preloved Tech

Encouraging ethical and secure recycling of technology items, an area we all need to take more consideration. Very of the moment convenient pre loved product and digital service. Preloved Tech have a huge digital presence, in a non corporate approach. The brand attracting the current modern generation. Simple visual website, a strong creative business mindset with it social responsibly work communicated through social media. Look forward to see how far PreLoved Tech take this brand.


Creativity  throughout platform, selling the craft and learning with premium product that does not obviously look handmade. Varied product and price options. Lots of resources to learn and discover. Artisan are focusing on the experience rather than the product,  a nice twist to a product based brand. One to watch who also champion other artisans along the way.

Ami Illustrates

As voted by the public.

best small biz

of the year

Door Step Refillery

ModernMaker Awards

Fiona Wilson Prints

Happy colourful artworks and home accessories that brings a smile to the viewer. Fiona Wilson Prints have creative 2D and 3D materials showing all the art work. Far from boring with an easy navigation website. Fiona gives back by sharing her knowledge with creative workshops and mentoring. This is a fun Illustration & Art brand with lots of brand texture.

Bloom In Soap

Very difficult category as the finalist are all doing so much for our planet and are real ambassadors in shifting our behaviour in ethical responsibility. Bloom in Soap have created desirable products that I swear I could smell through the screen. Premium without looking rustic or obviously handmade. Business showing social responsibility to charity, innovative plastic free eco packing and Fairtrade. I will be trying the clever shower bombs!

Bunny and Bear Designs

Uniquely combining art and clothing. Bunny and Bear Design is a fab brand with loads of potential. Great visual identity appearing fun and friendly. Personality is bursting through across all platforms, all imagery, all products. Love it.

I Love Dolly Jewellery

Jewellery is my weakness and this was a difficult category to judge because I wanted to shop. Loving that I Love Dolly uses traditional silversmith techniques, organic styles in a premium finish at medium level price points. Great to see some warm copper as an option material too. Informative website with just enough inspiring and useful information. Really good website navigation and Keeley has good engaging social media presence.   

The Ives

The Ives have set up a business aimed to help what many of us have an issue with. Their sleep & anxiety products are uniquely catering for  the whole family. Huge growth potential for a micro niche area. Loving the premium wellbeing angle.  

RubyKite Arts & Scarves

Clear imagery showing various ways to wear scarves, not enough brands do this.  Inspiring stories about the art and clear social responsibly in development process. Easy navigation and super clear website and great digital presence. Scarves are beautiful to look at and to wear.

Bean and Bemble

Colourful homeware, all supporting UK manufacturing. Bean and Bemble have strong merchandising stills as it’s obvious to see that range plan of products and colour are selected with consideration. Uplifting fun products, perfect example of how a simple idea can potentially scale with success. 

Uwu Studio

Burst of colour on your screen which brings a smile. Love the on point quote from Uwu Studio “Adding colour & pattern fearlessly, to a dull and dark world.”  Launched less than a year ago and already with huge digital presence across planforms and strong product range that many of us take years to build. Something for everyone at low cost, strong visual brand identity across all products.


of the year

Bunny and Bear Designs

Modern Maker of the Year_1
Tash Circle

Vintiques of Surrey

Retail and e-com brand with strong community spirit and social presence who has achieved a lot in a very short time. Vintiques Of Surrey show potential due to open minded approach, attracting audience of new to professional collectors at reasonable costs yet speaking directly to audience without isolating others. USP fast moving products all fresh to open market as they come from house clearances. 

Congratulations to all winners, we shall be touch with you to provide you with your graphics media pack and prizes!

Please Note: Due to the sheer volume of applications, we are unable to provide any further feedback on reasons why any entry has or hasn’t been made a finalist.

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