Cosy Candles

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I adore candles but – shocker – I’ve never tried melts! These sound so lovely though, especially the Lavender and Jasmine & Cedarwood ones. And I didn’t know you could break up melts and mix them either, that’s brilliant, you can really personalise your fragrances. Fab post and pictures, Rebecca, thank you! x

Lisa |

Wow, what pretty packaging! Those colours are gorgeous and would definitely grab my attention in a shop. Cappuccino sounds perfect for me, I don’t drink coffee very often but love the smell of it. Lavender is another favourite, it’s so relaxing and calming. It’s great you get a good variety of scents in the subscription box so you can discover new and unusual ones! Fantastic review & photography Rebecca, thank you for sharing! 💖😘 xx

Bexa |

Love the pastel colours of the packing. I love a candle melt, well any candle product really. The pistachio ice cream smell I bet is interesting!

Kate xx

Anything cozy and I jump right in. 😀 My fav scents have hot to be apple and cedar wood. I must check them out

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