Sushi and Street Food on a Budget – Student Special

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Sushi is something I have only recently tried- it only took me 37 years! We don’t have a Yo! sushi near us but I would love to try it out when I get the oppourtunity. It’s great that there are different options to suit other palettes and that they cater for vegan diners too.
Fab post thanks for sharing 😊

Melanie |

I’ve actually never tried sushi but this all looks delicious! I’ll have to give it a try.

Such a great review! Such an awesome opportunity also! I have only ever tried a few bits of sushi. I like sweet chilli chicken one from Tesco. But I have tried any others. The photographs look great.

I have always been a bit afraid to try sushi haha, I could probably do the veggies ones bit the fish ones have always scared me off. Still so many people love it and I feel like I am really missing out haha. Maybe someday I will conquer my fears and give it a try! It’s amazing that you can find such good deals on it where you are, it’s rather expensive here.

Brilliant review Rebecca! I LOVE Sushi, but have only been to Yo! Sushi once. Your post has made me want to go there soon and eat ALL the sushi! Salmon Maki Rolls sound amazing and such good value too! I’m signing up to their newsletter straight away, 25% discount for students is fantastic. I’m soooo hungry right now ha ha. Thank you for sharing, glad you & your sister had a tasty lunch and fabulous photos too! xx

Bexa |

I’ve never been to a yo sushi store but ive been to the one in selfridges in bullring like twice now and i can never, ever get enough of it!

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