Energy Ball Taste Test with Little Jem’s Kitchen

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What a fab little review Rebecca 🙂 i’d never heard of “Little Jems Kitchen” before but these flavours sound amazing and would make a perfect treat of energy for my 10k training!! What was your favourite flavour?

Emma |

Ooh these sound lovely!
I really like the sound of the toffee apple ones as I’m a huge fan of apple.
Cora |

This is so interesting! I never knew such a thing existed! Really love the amount of detail the company has put in to the design with colour code ect and the packaging has a really nice homemade touch! I think they are an amazing idea for a on the go boost of energy!

So they look amazing!! I love energy balls, they’re great for on the go. So many of these flavours sound absolutely delicious. I really like that you can customise your order to get different flavours as a whole batch of one thing can get a little boring if you make your own. Definitely going to be looking into these more! x


These sound like a fab idea, especially as they are so healthy and perfect to take with you on the go! I’m loving the sound of the Choc-orange, a healthy version to a Terry’s Choc Orange, yes please!! Oh wow, the thought of Gingerbread and Christmas Pudding flavoured energy balls sounds sooo nice and a perfect way to get the taste of Christmas without all those extra calories! Thank you for sharing Rebecca, great review! <3 xx

Bexa |

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