Jolly Brew – Tea at it’s Finest

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These teas sound lovely! I love tea and the Mint Choc Royale one sounds so tempting. I’ve not heard of Jolly Brew before so thanks for sharing!


Thanks for reading! They are a family run small business so it’s great there’s so much variety xx

They both sound delicious! I used to hate tea, I drink way too much coffee, but I do like mint teas and I’m starting to get into other flavours. The liquid after eight I’m currently thinking of sounds amazing x



I love coffee too! Mint teas are great and the mint chocolate one tasted lovely xx

I’m a fellow tea lover so really enjoyed this post Rebecca! 💖 The mint choc tea which tastes like After Eights sound amazing!! A healthy, tasty and environmentally friendly tea is perfect. I also like the sound of the other flavours, especially peaches and cream! 😍 Thank you for sharing, fab review! 😘 xx

Bexa |


Ah great Bexa – got to love a good cup of tea. The mint choc really did surprise me, so much healthier than actual chocolate as well! Thanks for reading and commenting xx

You’re nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award!!!
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Awh thank you so much! xx

I really love tea but only the like pg tips, the thought of other flavoured tea scares me!


Ah fair enough, they aren’t for everyone! xx

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