The Perfect Summer’s Day with Pago Fruit Juices

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Ooh I love a cold refreshing juice in the summer! 😍 I love the sound of these and the packaging is so bright and vibrant, they would absolutely catch my attention in a supermarket or cafe. It’s awesome they do so many flavours, I like orange but would probably go for mango, yum! That’s also a great idea to reuse the empty bottles as a vase. Thanks for sharing Rebecca! 💖 I’m craving a juice now 😄 xx

Bexa |

This looks so good!! It looks very summery and I love the bottles, reminds me of been on holiday.

Kay xx

These look delicious! And how lovely that they come in glass bottles rather than plastic. As you know, I grow my own flowers so these would be great for bedside and desktop posies 🙂 I think I’d probably choose their Cloudy Cherry – I always have cherry juice when we go to Turkey and it’s just so refreshing on a hot day. Good tip about freezing them too – I’m sure they’d make fab slushies. Lovely review, glad you enjoyed your juice crate! x

Lisa |

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