Windflower Bears (as part of the #ShopSmall Blog Series)

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Aww these bears are super cute and adorable! 💖 I love how each one is so unique. The graduation bear is the perfect gift to remember a very special day 😍. The Sentiment Card & donation to the Woodland Trust are both such lovely touches! Great review Rebecca, I love discovering these new awesome shops via your #ShopSmall series! 😘 xx

Bexa |


Thanks Bexa they are just so so cute! And yes, lovely idea with the donation too, definitely makes a difference. Awh thank you, I love doing them, so many creative business ideas that I didn’t even know existed! xx

Those are so, so cute and such a unique little gift!xx


Agreed Ellie! Thanks for reading xx

The bears are so cute! So unique and perfect little gifts. Thank you for sharing 💓


Thanks for reading Lauren. They really are, so much thought behind each one that’s for sure! xx

Aww they r so cute. Such a innovative idea of gifting! Love it


Definitely agree! Thanks for reading xx

Charlene McElhinney

I love supporting small businesses and shopping small whenever I can. The wee bears are adorable and would make such unique and memorable gifts! Will definitely keep this store in mind in the future and wish them every success in the world!

Charlene McElhinney


Awh thanks for your lovely comment Charlene and thanks for having a read! They are so adorable, such a thoughtful idea! xx

Ah, these little bears are so cute, what a lovely idea for a gift. And how wonderful that the company make a donation to the Woodland Trust as well. It’s so lovely to support smaller businesses, that’s one of the many things I love about Etsy – and your new #ShopSmall series too! Lovely post and pics xx

Lisa |


I know Lisa, so imaginative! I didn’t even know these existed! SO many lovely gifts in the small business world it’s great! Thank you for your lovely comment as always! xx

They’re so cute!! That little graduation bear is adorable. I would have loved to receive something like that, such lovely little gifts. I love this series and I can’t wait to see which other businesses you highlight in the future. x



I know they are so so cute! Thanks for reading Sophie, plenty more in the pipeline – I really enjoy discovering so many different unique businesses! xx

These bears are so cute! Such a great idea for a blog series, I’m excited to see which other small businesses you come across.

Emma x


Thanks so much Emma xx

Jane Constable

Such a brilliant idea and the bears are adorable xx I particularly like the graduation bear, it’s such a unique idea for a gift.

Great review Rebecca, I love your passion for our small businesses 🙂


Awh yes the bears are so sweet. Thank you Jane, I love discovering these small businesses! xx

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